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Chiropractic Testimonials

“This is amazing treatment! I’ve had many “alternative” treatments before but nothing has been as effective for any length of time. I had lots of sport related injuries. The worst being two broken vertebrae in my neck, so I had constant nerve pain. The most surprising result was gaining some feeling in my big toes- after 25 years. I don’t need to take ibuprofen anymore - my posture is better and I’m sleeping better. My nerve pain is almost completely gone!”

- David N.

“I had very bad knee problems, inflammation, sleeplessness leading to poor quality of life. I’ve had a complete change in my health, becoming much more aware of positive aspects in my body. I’m able to focus at work, I am more alert, and have an improved attitude despite the pressure.”

- Jose R.

“The tension/pain in my lower back and neck from previous surgeries is less and more relaxed. I appreciate the genuine concern that Dr. Chambers has for the well-being of his patients. This creates a wonderful, safe environment for healing.”

- Carola B.

“My anxiety, pain and compulsive eating were out of control and kept me stuck. (Now), I no longer take blood pressure medication or have anxiety! Today I feel alive and ready for what the world throws at me!”

- Kim C.

“I was pregnant, had sciatica and was very uncomfortable. After working with Dr. Chambers, the sciatica melted away. I had a wonderful birthing, I continue to grow and move through life with increased grace and ease. I am so incredibly grateful for Dr. Ian’s part in my healing journey.”

- Dawn G.

“I had sciatic pain on my left side and curvature of the spine. I needed epidural injections every 3-4 months for leg pain and my posture was very poor. I am now able to be on my feet longer. It is no longer painful to walk. I am seeing progress in my posture, have only a little sciatic pain, have gone 5 months without an injection and feel better about my health.”

- Shirley G.

“I had a lot of tension in my shoulder/neck. Sitting straight used to feel exhausting. Now, sitting crooked or bent over is painful and my shoulder and neck pain are gone! I feel my whole body is relaxed.”

- Carin F.

“When I first came to this office, I was experiencing incapacitating migraines that would knock me out for a day or two. I also had chronic shoulder pain from an injury. After two months of care, my shoulder pain diminished drastically. And, now I am pain free! My migraine pattern virtually disappeared. Thank you to Dr. Chambers for all your work and support!”

- Kathleen C.

“I restricted mobility and tension in my neck and right shoulder. But more importantly, I had to find a way to deal with the effects of a high stress work lifestyle. It’s been life changing! Tension from work stress has been melting away. I have so much more mobility. Not just in my problem areas but in places I didn’t even realize I was physically restricted.”

- Lu H.

“I came with the inability to function consistently on a daily basis with chronic lower back pain exacerbated by scoliosis. The pain I had felt for the last 40 years was like an unwanted house guest that wouldn’t leave. Now, back pain is no longer a controlling factor in my life. In fact, it is gone! I feel lighter, stronger and happier.”

- Wende S.

“I came to the office with some back and foot pain, but did not plan to directly address them. Health concerns such as smoking & poor fitness affected my overall health. Visiting Dr. Chambers has transformed my life. I walk taller, have better posture, have more energy, eat healthier, am making more money, got engaged, am quitting smoking and beginning to exercise regularly. Profound!”

- Jeff W.

“I had years of chronic pain in muscles and joints due to severe spinal disc injuries that left residual numbness & weakness in one leg. I also have had many digestive disorders, general debilitation and auto-immune disorder of my thyroid which led to walking with the use of canes and double vision. Since seeing Dr. Chambers, I have noticed a more gait, reduction of numbness in leg and knee and less digestive problems. I can walk short distances without a cane on level surfaces.”

- Vita L.



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