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Employee Wellness at Chambers Family Chiropractic

Woman with hand on chestIt’s an unfortunate fact of life that most of us spend more time at our jobs than home. Doesn’t it make sense then to ensure your workplace environment is geared toward the optimal wellness of your employees?

Providing information on a variety of topics, such as health, wellness, stress, posture, and workplace ergonomics, helps employees be more mindful of their health, which can make them happier at work and at play.

Lunch and Learn

We can do our presentations during the lunch hour, providing wellness information specific to the office environment, and educate people on how to better handle stress, how to lift more effectively, simple exercises, and things they can do to maintain a healthy spine and nervous system.

Employers might also ask Dr. Chambers to do a workplace audit to identify any instances where improvements could support better operations and reduce injury risk. He will also do posture screenings, and consultations with specific employees, as necessary. Whether it’s a presentation, individual or section consultation, both the employer and employee can benefit from the information provided.

Benefits of Improved Health

Employees have seen many different benefits after attending a presentation. In general, they feel better, are happier and less stressed, and more functional because they’re taking care of themselves. Employers see a reduction in sick time, and their workers are more resilient and positive on the job because their spines and nervous systems are functioning better.

This all translates into a better workforce, and a lot happier and proactive bunch of people to work with. We offer employee discounts for those who want to come to Chambers Family Chiropractic after a presentation.

Let’s Set Something Up!

If you’re an employer interested in setting something up, you can email us at or call the office to speak with one of our assistants. We’ll work together to find a date that works for everybody.

Helping your employees experience better health and wellness is something we look forward to!

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