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Chambers Family Chiropractic Services

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Personalized Chiropractic Care

The care you receive from the Chambers Family Chiropractic Team goes beyond the conventional care experience. 
At Chambers Family Chiropractic we work to address the underlying issues that are affecting your particular health challenge. We’ll take the time necessary to listen to and understand you and your health concerns. Then, you and the doctors work together diligently to find the best solution possible for your particular health goals.
With a focus on discovering the root of your problems as opposed to treating symptoms, we represent a uniquely hands-on and invested approach to helping you restore and reorganize your health. In our office we recognize that every patient has unique and individual needs. With our knowledge and extensive experience, we’ll get to work on doing our very best to creating a personalized health plan to get you on track!

Expert Analysis and Thorough Assessment

To best assess your spinal function and nervous system health, the Chiropractic analysis and assessment methods we utilize help us gain the greatest amount of insight and information about you and the underlying causes that are affecting your health and any conditions you may be experiencing.

We perform a thorough chiropractic examination and capture your posture measurements. Our Doctors examine your posture, nerve function, range of motion, sensory-motor strategies and leg length. If necessary, our doctors will capture digital weight-bearing X-rays and/or use leading-edge chiropractic technologies to more fully assess your spinal systems. After careful analysis of the results of your exam, scans and/or x-rays we determine if we can help you. Also in this study we determine precise neuromuscular patterns of your spine, and pelvis which help us understand where the source of interference patterns are coming from in your spine and nervous system.

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