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New Patients at
Chambers Family Chiropractic

Welcome to our practice, we’re so glad you chose us for your health care needs. At Chambers Family Chiropractic, we value you, your time, your health, and the trust you place in us. We want you to know and feel you’ve come to the right place for care.

Our onboarding is a two-visit process, we suggest allowing one hour for each. To expedite your care, we ask that you complete the online forms before coming in for your appointment. If you are unable to do so, please arrive 15 minutes before your first visit.


The Initial Consultation

During this visit, you’ll meet the doctor, go through your information, and get a detailed medical history. We’ll discuss what brought you in, and any factors that might be contributing to the problem. Our goal is to exchange information to better understand your issue. Once we know what’s really going on, we can correct the problem.

Next is the physical exam and chiropractic testing of your spine and nervous system. If necessary, digital X-rays may be taken, as well as INSiGHT™ scans to measure the function of your nervous system. When all the diagnostics are complete, you’ll receive your first gentle adjustment to see how your system responds, and we schedule your second visit.

Between visits, the doctor reviews your results and creates a customized plan of care to address your unique needs.

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When You Return

On the second visit is the report of findings, where your doctor will review the test results, scans, and X-rays, if applicable. You’ll get a complete explanation of what’s going on, how it’s impacting your body, and if we can help you.

Before moving forward with care, we let you know exactly what that looks like in terms of the length of care, the frequency of care, and cost. And if we’re not able to help you, we’ll direct you to the specialist we believe could help you more.

Financial Responsibility

Financial details are discussed at the report of findings. We are a cash practice, and payment is requested at time of service. We provide superbills upon request.

Credit cards, FSA and HSA plans are accepted. Family plans, prepaid plans, and other options are available. Please speak with our friendly staff members for more information.

What to Expect

We help our patients improve their spinal and overall health through utilizing an integrative chiropractic approach. This helps continually our patients continue to increase the level of sustainable healing and improved function of their spines and overall health for both the here and now… But also, for the years ahead!

  • Discover or Initial Intensive Care, is designed to help your spine and body communicate more effectively so your body can unwind the surface layers of tension, so you move better, stand taller and feel more ease inside.
  • Transform, also known as Corrective Care, helps us get to the root of your problem. It builds on the previous care and helps the nervous system to re-pattern and release the more chronic, underlying areas of tension and dis-ease to create a more long-lasting change.
  • Awaken is Wellness & Optimization Care, which progressively bring practice members to a greater and greater levels of alignment and connectedness, while optimizing overall body-mind function. Because this form of chiropractic is so gentle and safe, it is an effective form of chiropractic care that can be regularly used by anyone…from newborns to seniors.

Get Started Today

If you’d like to learn more about this unique chiropractic approach and how our focused care plans can help unlock your true health, contact our team today to book a visit-we proudly offer complimentary consultations.

New Patients at Chambers Family Chiropractic | (509) 493-0555